Thursday, March 8, 2007

Motivation on attitude

15.5 Attitude actions
by Jefferey Gitomer

1. Admit it’s no one’s fault but yours.
2. Understand you always have (had) a choice.
3. If you think it’s ok, it is... if you think it’s not ok, it’s not.
4. Invest time, don’t spend it. I
5. Study the thoughts and writings of positive people.
6. Attend seminars and take courses.
7. Check your language gauge.
8. Avoid confrontational and negative words.
9. Say why you LIKE things and people, not why you don’t.
10. Help others without expectation or measuring.
11. Think about your winning and losing words.
12. Think about your mood, and your mood swings.
13. Are you the head of the complaint department, AND the chief complainer? Get a better job
14. Celebrate victory AND defeat.
15. Visit a children’s hospital or talk to a guy in a wheelchair.
15.5 Count your blessings every day.

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